PinkWaterFairy unusual imaginative handcrafted jewellery / jewelry my latest passion is steampunk

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An assemblage of vintage watch parts under a filigree crescent moon set on an oxidised silver plated pendant. Steampunk Pendant Necklace made from vintage clock cogs and gears CLICK HERE to buy me on Etsy - A vintage watch movement adorned with little glass flowers and pearls suspended from a dainty oxidised silver plated dragonfly Unusual blue floral steampunk bracelet featuring pretty flower cabochons set on brass effect cogs linked with handmade chain featuring chainmaille 'roses'Flying Heart Brass Steampunk Pendant Steampunk pendant featuring Cthulhu and pink paua abalone shell Octavia Unique Ornate Silver Ox Steampunk Pendant Necklace CLICK TO BUY ME - Gorgeous steampunk pendant constructed from a salvaged vintage clock part - a brass cog linked with a crimson red rose cabochon Blue Onyx Gemstone and Brass Cog Clock Part Steampunk Pendant Necklace Steampunk Rocketship Necklace currently for sale in The Wendy House Caversham Reading Georgina - ornate Victorian style silver ox steampunk pendant necklace Decadent steampunk bracelet featuring gorgeous violet purple roses and a swooping swallow, ornamented with tiny purple velvet swarovski crystals. CLICK TO BUY ME - A 'collage' of tiny clock parts inside a vintage brass recycled clock part, which is topped by a little faceted garnet, make this intricate pendant An assemblage of cogs set on a vintage effect brass filigree stamping which has been shaped to form an adjustable ring Vacuum Tube and Coiled Copper Steampunk Sterling Silver Earrings Beautiful translucently glowing garnet cabochons adorn recycled vintage brass clock parts to make these unique earrings steampunk earrings made with cogs and gears from recycled watch and clock parts CLICK TO BUY ME - L'irondelle et la perle nacree Steampunk Pendant Swallow and Freshwater Pearl pendant made with workings of a Swiss made 15-jewel vintage watch which is hanging from a sturdy antique copper coloured chain. Lovely aged vintage brass watch movement embellished with three dainty brass lily flowers upcycled into a beautiful steampunk style pendant. brass grunge steampunk earrings made with cogs and gears from recycled watch and clock parts CLICK TO BUY ME - Cthulhu and the Deep Blue Sea  Paua Shell Steampunk Pendant abalone and cephalopod  octopus charm steampunk earrings made with cogs and gears from recycled watch and clock parts Cool steampunk ring made from a Swiss made jewelled vintage watch movement on an adjustable silver plated ring steampunk pendant necklace Sparkling and gorgeous jewelled vintage watch movement cradled in a curved oxidised brass filligree setting Silver steampunk pendant vintage watch movement mounted on a silvertone floral setting Steampunk Pendant Necklace with faux glass pearls and ruby red glass cabochons Black Cogs Grunge Steampunk Earrings

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